Heating up learning through social networking

How many social networks are you a part of? I (finally) joined facebook. I’ve been active on LinkedIn and didn’t want to be torn between the two – nor did I feel I could have the time for both. But then something interesting happened – different people responded on Facebook than on LinkedIn. Both socially and around business. Facebook is rapidly moving from pure social to business and social purposes. The audience is different, the format different, the feel is different. So if you aren’t on both, I’d encourage you to do so.

So where does the networking come in? All the time! We are constantly networking, expanding our circle, or at least better informing our circle of what we’re up to. And at the same time, reaching out when we have a question, when we need help, when we’re seeking someone or something.
Used right, social networking can be a very powerful learning tool because it can open up so many doors. I do a lot of work around Leading Global Virtual Teams. Through networking (Linked In this time), I met someone who works in that field in Canada, and we shared some ideas with each other. Where it can go neither of us is sure, but without networking via social networks, we would never have met.
Who else is out there? What else can you learn? Where else can you find information? I encourage you to embrace the world of social networking and use it to further your learning. What better thing to do on cold, snowy night (or day) than to share thoughts or ideas with one another and continue to grow your knowledge base and network.


About hprager

Father, husband, brother and son. Delighted to be friends and mentor to so many wonderful people. Passionate about: leadership, learning and development, education, nature and the environment, youth, music, jazz, the tuba, Israeli dancing, networking and helping others, humor, laughter, swimming, hiking, the Cubs, Northwestern athletics, theater, musicals, concerts, traveling and making new friends wherever I go. Helping the world be a better place when I leave it.
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1 Response to Heating up learning through social networking

  1. Carol Ross says:

    Love this post, Howard, for the attitude of “who knows where it will lead?” and the generosity of spirit in learning together.

    Agree that social networking can be really powerful tool for expanding one’s network beyond who we can meet in person. I’ve had many experiences of meeting a kindred spirit online (especially Twitter and blogging) that led to at a minimum, a nice connection all the way up to a major collaborator for a new revenue stream.

    BTW–enjoy running into you on the NU Linkedin group!

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