Creating new habits

Last month we had a 5k walk/run at the office park I work in. Several colleagues encouraged me to try the 5K. I had never run in my life. They said “no problem, you work out, and if you need to, just walk it.” So I tried – a mixture of running and walking. My goal: finish. I did! And since I’ve run several times a week and just completed my second 5k last weekend. Why? I’m amazed at how much more flexible and energized I have become. Even though I swam, biked and worked out at the gym, running evidently is very different. And what’s also interesting is I’ve asked other runners for ideas and suggestions (what to eat, how to stretch, etc.) and they’ve all been happy to help. Lessons? 1) We can do more than we think, just try. 2) If you’re open and ask for help, people are eager to give you advice. 3) Changing habits, even exercise patterns, is another way to continue to grow. Questions for you: what have you started or done differently lately? What is keeping you from changing? What are the additional benefits you see in trying something new?

We’ll see what happens over the winter, but I’m very pleased with what I’ve started. How about you?

About hprager

Father, husband, brother and son. Delighted to be friends and mentor to so many wonderful people. Passionate about: leadership, learning and development, education, nature and the environment, youth, music, jazz, the tuba, Israeli dancing, networking and helping others, humor, laughter, swimming, hiking, the Cubs, Northwestern athletics, theater, musicals, concerts, traveling and making new friends wherever I go. Helping the world be a better place when I leave it.
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2 Responses to Creating new habits

  1. Paul Safyan says:

    Two comments. I have tried innumerable times to study Spanish on my own. Because of a lack of people to practice with (Spanish speaking people I encounter are too impatient with my stumbling and jump in with English), I stop learning. It feels a little like trying to stop smoking without a support group or strong internal motivation. On the plus side, I have been developing a course, plugging away in my spare time with very little outside reinforcement, other than a deadline. I have been surprised at my “stick-to-it-tiveness.

  2. Joelyne Marshall says:

    I too recently picked up running and started with 5k’s. This past year I finished my 2nd half marathon with the hopes of training to complete a full marathon. I unfortunately was unable to run the full marathon due to a minor injury. But this goal is on my list for 2011.

    Running is amazing because its a sport for anyone. I love participating in races due to the different ages and types of people – but we are all there together cheering each other on. It’s a great community!

    One thing I have learned is to be flexible along the way (physically and mentally). Allwoing yourself to adjust your plans for end goals – you learn even more along the way. I have learned a great deal about myself as a person which I can carry over into other areas of my life.

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