How FAST are you?

How fast are you?  How fast do you drive, do you react, do you walk?  How fast do you respond to change?  And how fast do you LEARN?

Today with google, youtube and wikipedia, knowledge is closer than ever.   You almost don’t need to remember anything anymore, just know where and how to find it.  How that changes our paradigm about learning!

I am reading the book “The FIrst 90 Days” by Michael Watkins, an extremely helpful book for anyone starting a new job or position.  And yet I’m thinking, 90 days is too long.  We need to have an impact and contribute in the first 90 hours, if not the first 9 hours!  Everything is moving faster these days.

Which is not to say that the advice in the book isn’t good, it is.  Just that the chance to have an impact and make an impresion is much faster than what the title suggests.

So think about learning.  What can be learned in shorter bytes or nuggets?  Where can people learn the knowledge they need quickly?  How do we know it is the right knowledge?  And how can we teach them to identify what will help them, and to be truly self-directed learners?   These are the challenges for learning professionals today. Here’s the key: it’s all out there!  It may need to be repackaged, reidentified, or repositioned.  It may need to be tailored, customized, or include job aids. But it is there somewhere.

Helping others learn what they need, how they can find it, learn it, and use it. Making sure they make time to learn what they need.  That’s the evolving job of a learning professional.    I plan to be sharing new and evolving ways that this can be done in future blogs. Stay tuned.  It will happen FAST! 







About hprager

Father, husband, brother and son. Delighted to be friends and mentor to so many wonderful people. Passionate about: leadership, learning and development, education, nature and the environment, youth, music, jazz, the tuba, Israeli dancing, networking and helping others, humor, laughter, swimming, hiking, the Cubs, Northwestern athletics, theater, musicals, concerts, traveling and making new friends wherever I go. Helping the world be a better place when I leave it.
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