New Year, New Learning!

Ready or not, 2012 is here.  What will you learn? Let’s talk about need to learn vs. want to learn.

Need to learn: I’m starting a new contract job at two nuclear power stations.  My first day there (tomorrow), I have to take a test on nuclear safety and security.  I have two manuals to learn to prepare for this test, which I gather is repeated in some fashion yearly so that safety and security are always top of mind.  I NEED to learn this.

I also just bought a used MacBook.  I went to an introductory class at Apple today (Want to find some outstanding trainers who are highly engaged?  Take something from your Apple store.)  I WANTED to learn more of the features and abilities of my MacBook. 

What will I remember more?  Can’t tell you.  My goal is to remember both, but I already know that the half-life of computer learning is about 5 minutes!  In fact, at the end of the 90-minute class that was packed with information, I asked the trainer what the 3 most important pieces learned that we should take from the class.  Nuclear safety? Today I will try to know everything in the manual, certainly what I think would be the most essential.  And I better remember it longer than 5 minutes!

So here I am on the 2nd day of the new year already in a learning mode.  What about you?  I’ve said before one of the new certainties of life today is change.  It’s coming, it’s happening, and we either hop on and embrace it or wilt away in our resistance.  Set some early goals of one area you WANT to learn something about in the next week, and look for something you NEED to learn in the next week. See which you remember more, which you enjoyed more, and what you took away from the experience.  I’ll let you know about what I remembered, when and how, and we can share notes.  Cheers to 2012!






About hprager

Father, husband, brother and son. Delighted to be friends and mentor to so many wonderful people. Passionate about: leadership, learning and development, education, nature and the environment, youth, music, jazz, the tuba, Israeli dancing, networking and helping others, humor, laughter, swimming, hiking, the Cubs, Northwestern athletics, theater, musicals, concerts, traveling and making new friends wherever I go. Helping the world be a better place when I leave it.
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