I am Founder and President of Advance Learning Group, named after this blog.  My focus is on integrating learning with business strategy and goals, leadership, and measurement. I have been in the field of learning and higher education my entire career – on the corporate side with Allstate, Exelon Generation and Waste Management – as an independent consultant – and at Notre Dame and Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in higher education.

I bring a strong and continuous passion for learning and improving  performance, creating innovative and award-winning workshops and certificate programs.  Customer-focused and creative, I have the perspective of someone who can both see the big picture and the details.  With expertise in experiential learning having created the team building banquet activity, with strong belief in measurement and ROI (see CLO Magazine November, 2010), and with developing service learning where participants practice and apply new skills and competencies in helping nonprofit organizations achieve greater success (See Leadership Learning, T+D Magazine, June 2005), I bring a wealth of experience in the learning profession.

As past national board member of ATD (Association for Talent and Development, formerly ASTD) and Chair of  the National Advisors for Chapters and past Chicagoland Chapter President, I helped write the national vision and mission statement and served as an advocate for the profession to chapter leaders from around the country and the globe.

Through speaking and writing on topics from Return on Educational Investment to Informal Learning to Learning in a Frenzied World with a colleague from Disney, I have impacted thousands of individuals while furthering the effort to strengthen adult learning.  I am co-author of the ASTD Workplace Learning and Performance Handbook, authoring the chapter “Managing Learning Like a Business.”

I hope you enjoy this blog, and look forward to any comments and questions.  Thanks to my friends Rick Borstein who suggested I start this blog, and Jonathan Lehrer who consistently offers valuable suggestions.

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