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Advance Learning through Learning Strategy

Learning strategy is critical as knowledge is compounding as fast as doubling every 12 hours according to IBM. Mapping options available and helping learners choose the way they learn best for the content and situation is necessary for successful learning acquisition.
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Follow-up: Do it now!

Follow-up How often do we neglect to follow-up today? How many opportunities are there to follow-up in general? Like everything else in this techno-paced world, follow-up is probably one of the key ingredients that we forget to do. Like the … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Me?

There was what I thought was a rather annoying commercial a few years ago from a cellular company “Can you hear me now?” It was of course about cell reception. But I think today people are wondering if they are … Continue reading

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Work life balance research

Several weeks ago I wrote about the blur between work and life. Now comes news from research by Hyatt. “Balancing personal and professional responsibilities is becoming a losing battle, according to a recent Hyatt PlaceĀ® study in which 71 percent … Continue reading

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Communication – noise or facts, news or opinions

Convergent reporting – just in time news – blogging – what is opinion and what is fact? What is real and what is hyperbole? We are always communicating, even those of us who are quiet and introverted. Silence speaks volumes. … Continue reading

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