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Take Time For Learning

I just saw a youtube video that’s from 2011. It’s all about creativity and takes only 2 minutes to view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPbjSnZnWP0 Spoiler alert: I’m going to be talking about what’s in the video! Today more than ever we are trying to … Continue reading

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Ten lessons learned living a life well lived

I hope you’ve been following me on LinkedIn, ATD, and CLO where I have posted blogs the past several months.  Time to come back home and share some thoughts. We learn in the most unusual ways, in the most unusual … Continue reading

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Ten New Ways to Learn

Learning is all around us, but so often it’s not noticed.  When you’re learning and NOT REALIZING you’re learning, that’s really good.  Which of these are you doing? And what can you add to ensure that 2014 is the year … Continue reading

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Websites, Learning and Growth

Two months ago my daughter and her friend started a website. Just for fun. They weren’t journalism students or big writers, but they knew what they loved.  And because they love music and discovering new bands, and had written some … Continue reading

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What do you observe?

Years ago, management guru Tom Peters coined the phrase MBWA – Management by Walking Around.  I’d like to coin a new one: LBLA – Learning by Looking Around. 1) I work in a nuclear power station.  Safety and security are … Continue reading

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Just in time – really?

Why do we learn?  I’m not being facetious here, just ask yourself why do you learn something?  To use it, of course.    When you need it. Why do we practice, reinforce, reteach and relearn?  To keep the knowledge fresh and … Continue reading

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New Year, New Learning!

Ready or not, 2012 is here.  What will you learn? Let’s talk about need to learn vs. want to learn. Need to learn: I’m starting a new contract job at two nuclear power stations.  My first day there (tomorrow), I … Continue reading

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How FAST are you?

How fast are you?  How fast do you drive, do you react, do you walk?  How fast do you respond to change?  And how fast do you LEARN? Today with google, youtube and wikipedia, knowledge is closer than ever.   You … Continue reading

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Learning from buying a car

How many cars do we buy in our lives?  6, 8?  Maybe add a few more if you’re buying for a friend or your kids.  And people either love it – love the negotiating, haggling, and back and forth techniques … Continue reading

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Learn from the past, Look to the future

How often do we forge ahead without looking sideways, or even in our rear-view mirror?  When was the last time you asked a parent or someone who’s been around longer than you, what lessons had they learned? So often we … Continue reading

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